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Laker House Quarry face, Canning Street, Maidstone PDF Print

This quarry face, in Canning Street, is one of only two Ragstone outcrops that occur within the built-up area of Maidstone town. It thus has great value as a site for educational purposes for earth science (Iguanodon connection), and building stone (Archbishop's Palace, Maidstone Jail etc.). The site is easily accessible for a number of Maidstone schools.

Preservation of this site would help promote public awareness of the history of Ragstone quarrying and its continuing importance, for example the Hermitage Lane Quarry, for conservation and repair work on historic buildings.

The vertical face, some five to seven metres high, exposes a succession of classic Ragstone and Hassock lithologies displaying examples of well-cemented, glauconitic shelly limestone (Rag) and softer weathering, glauconitic calcareous sand (Hassock). Silicification and bioturbation are common.

Access And Safety

Access is relatively easy and parking for cars can be found on Canning Street or possibly in Laker House car park if permission is granted. The exposed face appears to be relatively stable and this is also true for the part of the face completely covered by ivy.