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Snowdown Colliery Tip PDF Print

This RIGS is the spoil tip of colliery that opened in 1909 and closed in 1987. The tip is composed of Carboniferous sedimentary rock, around 310-305 Ma, that is associated with Kent No. 1 (Beresford) and No. 6 (Millyard) seams. A central depression was caused by recent extraction for Channel Tunnel construction.

The scientific study of Carboniferous rocks and fossils, an endangered system in Kent, is important to our understanding of the changing climate and habitat. Shallow excavation is needed to expose fossiliferous shale/mudstone.

Fossil plants found at the site include arboreal clubmosses (Lepidodendron, Sigillaria), horsetails (Calamites, Sphenophyllum), ferns, including Pteridosperm, foliage, seeds and stems, rare Cordaites (Mudstone) and charcoal (Shale).

Fossil animals found include rare Arthropods both terrestrial and freshwater.

Access And Safety

Snowdown Colliery is private land; permission for access must be obtained from the Coal Authority.