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Cooper's Pit, Canterbury PDF Print

Cooper's Pit was once described as the finest inland exposure of Upper Chalk in the Canterbury district. Today it is in a degraded condition but still retains two good chalk faces.

Although obscured, the southern face contains the Tertiary-Cretaceous unconformity, about four meters of basal Tertiary loamy sands and the underlying "Bull Head Bed" marking the unconformity. The western face exposes Micraster coranguinum Upper Chalk with a distinctive flint known as Whitaker's Three Inch Flint Band.

Previous accounts refer to the abundance of the echinoid Conulus six metres above this flint. In the chalk cliffs of Thanet a similar Conulus band marks the base of the overlying Uintacrinus zone of the Upper Chalk. Cooper's Pit may therefore contain an unusual inland exposure of this higher chalk zone.

Access And Safety

Coopers Pit is a private site and is currently closed.