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Stone Cliff, Stone-in-Oxney PDF Print

Stone Cliff, on the edge of the Rother Levels is part of the impressive abandoned cliff line landward of the Walland and Romney Marshes. Within the site, a landslip is possibly still active and illustrates some of the processes that have shaped the cliff line since its abandonment.

It is thought that the cliff line was established during the last (Ipswichian) interglacial and has been extensively modified by solifluction and landslip during the subsequent Devensian glacial and post glacial (Holocene) periods.

This site was designated because:-

  • It is an excellent example of the abandoned cliff line landward of the Romney Marsh.
  • It offers potential for study of slope development above sandstone bedrock and comparison with sites where the cliff is cut in Weald Clay, for example Lympne.
  • The site has aesthetic value.

Clearance of vegetation and fallen debris along a 30 metre section of the cliff (fault-plane) would provide an important geological resource for schools, life-long learning and academic research.

Access And Safety

Park on verge opposite the entrance to a public footpath near Tighe Farm at TQ 938268. Stone Cliff may be viewed from the path.