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The Geology of  Reculver Country Park

pdfThe Geology of Reculver Country Park Book Flyer.pdf

Published May 2011 

ISBN: 978-0-9561690-1-3

£4.50 (inc P&P)

This illustrated booklet describes the geology of the Reculver Country Park, a classic coastal section on the north Kent coast. The sedimentary beds exposed in the cliffs are detailed together with the local ‘drift’ deposits. The landscape of the Country Park is explained with the silting of the Wantsum Channel to the east,  marine erosion to the north and the impact of numerous historical landslips on the coastline. 

The booklet includes a circular walk for the geological beginner from Reculver to Bishopstone Glen and back highlighting many of the geological and landscape features to be seen.

The Stones of  Reculver Country Park

pdfThe Stones of Reculver Country Park Book Flyer.pdf

Published June 2011 

ISBN: 978-0-9561690-2-0 

£4.50 (inc P&P)

This well illustrated booklet describes the building stones used in the two nationally important scheduled monuments at Reculver: the wall of the Roman Fort of Regulbium and the remains of St Mary’s Church. The booklet includes a walk along the surviving perimeter wall of the Roman fort identifying the various stones you can see as well as some of the building techniques employed. Finally there is an review of the historical background on the coastal defences and an illustrated survey of the principal stones to be found in the sea defences in the Country Park.   

The Stones of St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury

pdfThe Stones of St Augustines Abbey Book Flyer.pdf

ISBN: 978 0 9561690 0 6 

Published 2009 

£4.95 (inc P&P)

This profusely illustrated 28 page booklet details the building stones used in the construction of the St Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury. The abbey site provides an unparalleled range of medieval building materials both representative of those commonly used in East Kent and accessible to the public.  The booklet includes numerous     photographs, maps and a plan of the site showing the location of the stones illustrated. 

Copies can be ordered from:  

GeoConservation Kent , 6 Manor Close, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3XA  

Cheques payable to: Kent RIGS Group 

Both of the above Reculver booklets can be purchased for the combined price of £8.00 including postage and packing. 

All three publications can be purchased for £10.00 including postage and packing.


Wealden News - the newsletter of Wealden geology

When Wealden News issue No.7 was published in September 2007 Kent RIGS agreed to carry a downloadable PDF version on its 'News' page to extend readership. Issue No.6 was subsequently reworked, to reduce the memory required, and also converted to a PDF version.

This proved such a popular addition to the website that Kent RIGS has decided to accept a proposal that all seven issues of Wealden News now be made available through its website.

This dedicated page, linked from the front page, makes issues of Wealden News more readily available.

Wealden News issues:

pdfWealden News issue No.8, February 20105.22 MB

pdfWealden News issue No.7, September 20078.69 MB

pdfWealden News issue No.6, May 20053.73 MB

pdfWealden News issue No.5, May 2001826.32 KB

pdfWealden News issue No.4, April 2000858.56 KB

pdfWealden News issue No.3, November 19991.16 MB

pdfWealden News issue No.2, March 19991.45 MB

pdfWealden News issue No.1, July 1998697.45 KB

Other Publications

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