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Fossils in Situ

Straight Tusked Elephant Tooth as found on the Foreshore Opposite Herne Bay Clocktower.

Phyllodus toliapicus from the Oldhaven beds at Beltinge 

Fossil bark in the Thanet beds at Beltinge

Beudanticeras ammonite in the mammilatum bed at Folkestone

Dipoloceras cristatum ammonite negative in the Gault in East Wear Bay at Folkestone 

Pyritic Gault ammonites at Folkestone sorted into accumulations by hydrodynamic sorting.

Hoploparia lobster in the mammilatum bed at Folkestone 

Fused and veined cracks in Lower Greensand with dinosaur footprint at Folkestone near Baker's Gap. 

Dinosaur footprint as a natural cast at Reculver, North Kent. The rock is a coarse sandstone imported as armourstone in the coastal defences. 50 pence coin for scale.