Pluckley Brickworks Clay Pit Print

The recently re-opened Pluckley clay pit provides a rare exposure of Lower Cretaceous Weald Clay. This is by far the most easterly and extensive exposure of Upper Weald Clay in the county. Here the clay dips very gently north and is exploited in a shallow pit.

A preliminary investigation showed that organic remains are scarce and are dominated by wood and charcoal fragments. A small fossil fauna of insects, ostracods, bivalves and fish debris has been recovered from a thin ironstone band.

The nature of the sediment and the fossil remains indicate rapid deposition in a freshwater environment.

Below the modern soil there is about 2 metres of spectacularly oxidised red mottled clay. It is this clay that is removed for brickmaking. At lower levels the clay is grey, unweathered and unsuitable for red brick production.

Access And Safety

Contact the Pit Manager at Hansons well in advance to ask permission for access and to make the necessary arrangements. Visitors will need to be properly inducted (advised of the potential hazards) and properly equipped (with boots, helmets, high-visibility clothing etc.).