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Grid Reference: TQ726574

Ragstone was an extremely important building material from Roman times. 
At the Hay's Depot Yard site it is better exposed than similar strata, very poorly exposed, at the SSSI in the abandoned Allington Quarry, now the 20/20 Industrial Estate.

The former Ragstone quarry has been developed as an industrial estate and shopping centre. The long (100m), vertical (3m high) old quarry face demarking the eastern boundary of the Industrial Estate is relatively unweathered and free of vegetation. The face shows a typical example of Kentish Ragstone and Hassock lithologies with three bands of horizontal Ragstone strata exposed. The length and nature of the exposure make it ideal for the study of lateral variation in the rag and hassock facies and it could be important for any future work on the sequence stratigraphy and correlation of the Hythe Formation. Gamma ray profiles could be useful for interpreting the origin (climatic vs eustatic) of the alternating condensed facies.

At present the site is not suitable for general study due to the danger from traffic to the Depot Yard.

Access And Safety

Access is through the Aylesford Industrial Estate (Quarry Wood). Parking is possible in the yard with permission. The quarry face is quite low (less than 3m) and stable. A safety issue is the movement of large transporter trucks which park and load-up in the yard. For this reason it is not suitable for general study at present.


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