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Grid Reference: TQ577560

oldbury hill_rocks-2Oldbury Hill, Ightham is an important site for appreciating the relationship between geology, geomorphology, archaeology and present land-use. Oldbury Stone and Ightham Stone, which were used as strengthening ballast for the earthworks of the Iron Age fort and as a local building stone, are particularly well seen in Oldbury village.

This type locality for the Oldbury and Ightham Stones should therefore be conserved for future study. The term 'Oldbury Stone' is usually confined to the greyish-white cherty sandstone and 'Ightham Stone' to the bright green variety. Post-depositional silicification of the generally soft weathering Folkestone sands has resulted in the very hard, weathering resistant capping of the hill. There are also exposures of sets of cross strata and other features important for the continuing study of the Folkestone Sands tidal deposits.

Oldbury Hill forms a very prominent feature in the area covering about 166 acres (67 hectares) of woodland. The ramparts/earthworks of the Iron Age fort are 4 km long and enclose 124 acres. Footpaths and tracks cross the site and suggested trails are posted on information boards. The site is visited by walkers and ramblers and there is a small camping and caravan site near Styants Farm.

There is no geological information for visitors at present.

Access And Safety

Access to the two car parks is signposted and there are a number of information boards on the site with a map of the hill and other information. Some of the ramparts and natural slopes around the fort are steep and slippery during wet weather.


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