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Grid Reference: TQ502591

Chalk extraction at Dunton Green ceased in the early 1980s and the floor of the pit is now used for storage, transport maintenance and light industrial units.

During its working life the quarry exploited the lowest Holaster planus zone of the Upper Chalk; here about 11 metres thick. The rest of the quarry exploited Middle Chalk with a thickness of about 64 metres. Currently the quarry floor is at the base of the 'Melbourn Rock'.

The main reasons for designating the site as a RIGS are:-

  • Although not suitable for general educational visits, the site is designated as part of a proposed network of chalk sites throughout the county.
  • Designation will allow specialist access to a composite stratigraphy of Kent's chalk.
  • The walls of the business park expose the lowest zone of the Upper Chalk and the whole of the Middle Chalk sequence.

Access And Safety

There is easy access to the site by road and good parking is available. However, the quarry faces are high and very hazardous to inspect at close quarters or in any great detail. Hard hats and strong footwear are essential and competent supervision of parties, of less than ten adults (6th form upwards) is required. There is no wheelchair access to the faces. Children's visits are not permitted.


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